Live in the Present

To succeed, it is recommended on a daily basis to make a list of necessary and important things. And why not make a list of actions that prevent a better life? Very often, the success of activities prevent bad habits, they identify and eradicate simple. Some will be discussed in this article.

1. ceases to live someone else’s life
Heroes favorite TV shows, politicians, show business stars and other celebrities will not notice if one day we stop to observe them. Really important people in our life must be family members, friends, relatives, associates, that is limo service in Madison and dear people. It is better to devote more time to communicate with them than watching movies or TV shows – they (and we) definitely deserved it.

2. LESS think about the future, not to regret the past – live in the present
What is happening here and now, it will never happen again. What we do not engage in this moment: study, work or vacation, you need to be aware of every moment, understand that this is part of our life and enjoy it all. These moments are much more valuable than those of which we dream, or regret. After all, the power of life manifests itself only in the present. It was found that the life in this reduces stress, reduces depression.

3. Do not delay SOLUTIONS
To make a decision, that is to take responsibility, it is much more complicated than go with the flow. Sometimes the execution of a not very pleasant things or duty takes much less time and effort than the adoption of the decision to act. Delaying the decision on the “later”, leads to the fact that we are only preparing to be happy, do not live, but only forward, but when it comes “later”.

A reassignment decision to someone else, even a very important person for us, leads to the fact that we cease to be masters of their own lives. The problem of choice – it is a departure from the responsibility for the decision. But if we do not choose your own path, we never know what we really stand and be able to achieve in life. Everything is reduced to the presentation of claims to those who make decisions for us.

4. Needless to say “YES” when you need to say “no”
Do not take on an impossible burden. The word “yes” opens up many ways, but to be able to say “no” is also important. If there is no time, energy or desire to participate in any project or event to perform an unexpected request or provide the service – this is the moment when you need to say “no.”