Mathematical focus a great way to have fun in the company

Who of us in childhood dream to become a magician. Even growing up, we certainly understand that skillful representations does no magic, but still continue to look at zavorazhenno professional dexterity and ability to impress the audience with their magical performances. Spa Services Atlanta
Rozvazhayemosya together
Spending time in the company, in addition to outdoor activities, you can be happy to compete in intellectual ability. To help in this regard, of course, you come in a variety of riddles, puzzles and magic tricks with numbers or math. Everything you can test your mind, you may have hidden the extraordinary opportunities that Einstein himself would envy. We present you several options for ideas on how to diversify their leisure time in a fun company, where, of course, you can show off his intelligence and charm.

interesting math
Proved that solving mathematical trick you perfectly develop logical thinking and excellent train your memory.
Mathematical focus a great way to have fun in the company
No wonder that science considered the queen of all sciences. Do not think that to solve the puzzles are quite difficult, they just require considerable concentration and a little patience.
We believe the number Window Repair Atlanta
Before a show of tricks with numbers, try to ensure you have a calculator on hand or in the good knowledge of the multiplication table conversationalist, well in advance and work out themselves, not to be trapped.
Mathematical focus a great way to have fun in the company
One simple and fun is the ability to quickly make up some numbers, particularly interesting when big numbers, and they are many. Let familiar writes number in which the number of digits equal. The more of these numbers, the more impressive will seem mathematical trick. Then you appends to its numbers the same number of their own and offer it all add up. The answer you can give instant.

The bottom line is that you have to finish among the method – the numbers should complement your contact numbers to the number 9. Example: the number 874 you have to finish their 125 Amount calculated by the formula Hx (10 -1) where x – number of numbers , y – the number of digits in the number. If the figure is 9 0 attributed to it. Pet grooming in Atlanta
You wrote the numbers 874 587 and 254 you appends its 125 412 and 745. As long as your long tried to shape all these numbers, you quickly calculate 3x (10 March -1) = 3×1000-3×1 = 2997.
Intricate maps
If your company will be on hand deck, the mathematical tricks with cards quite well able to interest tourists. Examples of their large number, consider a simple and very popular.
Mathematical focus a great way to have fun in the company
From the deck measured 21 card. They laid 7 rows of 3 cards pictures up. The participant has to mentally choose and remember him vending map, you notice the column where it is located. Next, make a card with the speaker stacks, and stacks of these in one. Tu glass, which was bldg card, always place the middle. Turn down the map image and then arrange them on the same circuit. Let the viewer look and tell which column his card. Once all the components, a column in which you think about card again placed between the other two, and re-schedule. Let the audience again will show the stack with the card, fold them again. If you count cards, the card will you think about 11 in a row.

Focuses children
When organizing holidays for children should take into account not only the banquet menu, but always entertaining part of the program. Coming up with every possible entertainment, competitions and active games, take care and intellectual parts. Math tricks to help children not only to focus their attention, but will add holiday fun humorous mood. To all, it will allow children to make some break between games. Cleaning Service Atlanta

Pretty simple, but at the same time interesting to focus when all the participants involved. Ask a spectator to write on a sheet of 3-digit number, the other party shall append to this number are the same, turned out for 6-digit. Next, the following shall divide it into seven other party divide the resulting number by 11 after the member will multiply the number by 2 different results section on 13. In the end the amount on a piece sounded driving, and he said you think about first number. This mathematical trick is very simple. The secret is that when the number of 3 digits were written for the second time, it turned out that it automatically multiplied by 1001 we further divided it into 711 and 13 thus simply divided it into 1001. As a result, we have received a number of 3 marks multiplied by 2 and by the end you just have to divide the number by 2.
Playing at home
If bad weather outside and slush, and the guests on the doorstep to come up with entertainment for them will not make the big work. Home tricks, technique which is easy and simple, will, as ever, by the way. Basically, of course, such entertainment will delight more children than adults, but every joke is capable of making some ease in the environment and positive mood. Computer Repair Atlanta
Mathematical focus a great way to have fun in the company
It is a simple trick of the coin. Take a few lemons, put them on a plate and invite viewers to choose any of them. Lemons can touch to make sure they are intact and goals. Then you razrezaete lemon, and inside it appears coin. The trick is that the advance of the knife should stick to plasticine little coin, holding it in your hand, cover it with your finger. As you begin to cut the fruit, gently push the coin to cut. Pulling out a knife, hold it with two lemon halves to coin got stuck inside and lightly.

That’s the whole secret.
Remember that before you begin to implement, you do have to learn a few techniques, whether mathematical magic trick or whole performance. Try to do everything confidently, clearly and consistently, not to introduce the viewer to question your professionalism. Be sure that the company is not only happy to assess your performance but also excellent wait out the time for so exciting experience. Dentist in Atlanta

The meal – a blessed meal satiety

Modern man trained meal called breakfast, lunch, dinner. In monasteries and among the faithful people of God in the kitchen, in the dining room generally called eating a meal. Why is it so strange call? The table – not just lunch or dinner, is the adoption of any food or drink as a family home or brothers in the monastery. Modern people who do not belong to any religion may wonder: “We also sit down to eat together.” They can answer that meal different from the usual lunch.

Table meal, not to talk
Christians, especially Christians, know that the home must be the icon of the Lord and His Mother. Where usually take the food (the kitchen, the living room or in the hall), is a holy end. Steele put so that the head of the family was sitting right in front of images, and other household and guests rozsadzhuyutsya sides. How does the Christian meal? Photos that are below illustrates it in the past (and even present) times of pious families. Master of the house begins to pray out loud in front of the icons, pre perehrestyvshys that the Lord blessed the food. Others silently listening. Father prayer at the end dawns food and drink Cross. He sits at the table first. relax in USA
The meal – a blessed meal satiety
In the past century, almost every child knew that his father – the most important, it is honorable in all, so first sits down, takes a spoon by him. Of course, the wife or daughter serving a bowl of soup originally it. The table – that is no reason to talk. Eating everything in silence. After dinner, head of the family gets up from the table and thanks aloud to the Lord and the Mother of God for their food. All relatives and friends are also praying. Only the words of gratitude to God can start a conversation, communication.

What is the meaning of the meal?
Why among Christians adopted such rules for dinner? From out this custom? To answer this question we need to look into the Gospel. Before his death, Jesus called the disciples, and they last sat at the common table. He broke bread and told his followers that it will be them in memory of his body. Then he pointed to the cup of wine.
The meal – a memory of Jesus Christ. For today priests prepared the Holy Eucharist in the church in the liturgy, while in communion bread bowl put slices (small bread) and pour wine. At this time, at the altar God Himself creates miracles. The bread and wine represent the body and blood of the Lord was crucified on the day after the holiday meal took place with the students.
The meal – a blessed meal satiety
That is why the tradition is preserved sure to have bread on the table at home or monastic meal. Christians pray before eating and after that the Lord was present beside himself blessed the dinner. They say that the food is consecrated after the prayer. No disease does not cling to the believers. There are cases where food was spoiled, but people did not get symptoms of poisoning.
Memorial meal
The word “meal” – the Greek. It means “food and drink in the society.” All people together sit at the table, after having prayed.
There is a special meal – memorial. When dying Christian, pray for him on the 3rd, 9th, 40th days after death. All relatives, friends sit at the table and commemorate the dead. Church calls grieving invite to the table the poor, disadvantaged, that they prayed about novoprestavlenoho. Lord says that He will reward the man who gives his not require anything back. You must be able to give free.

The meal – a blessed meal satiety
Vegetarian meal – this exclusion from the menu of meat, eggs, milk. These products are called in the Orthodox Skoromny. It is believed that the table is permitted only vegetarian food. In the fasting days can not overeat. It is better to eat a little bit more than perenasytytsya. Many people believe that fasting is only food. It does not. During Lent to watch out chatter, quarrels, irritation, entertainment. Every minute is best done with prayer, including the meal.
Holidays meal
After the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ Church urges people to confess their sins and partake Mysteries of Christ to be reconciled to God and go to heaven. The people in turn come after the confession to the priest, his hands crossed on his chest, called his name and spoon taste a piece of bread and wine, which are the body and blood of Christ. Little children under seven years prychaschayut without confession.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the consecrated food can heal spiritually and physically, to give strength, patience. Everyone, for the first time in conscious age took part in the meal, knows how it differs from regular meals. During this afternoon pious thoughts swarm leaves the head, with no desire to watch TV and argue with family and stomach takes food to good use.