«Capital Group»

Pavel Cho – known businessman in Russia, one of the directors of «Capital Group» a major corporation, MP.

Paul Cho biography starts with the same points as that of any other person: school, college, factory. Pavel was born on May 20, 1963 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Parents of the future businessman and MP were simple employees in the electricity sector. In particular, they were participants in the design and construction of modern hydroelectric power station in the Soviet Union.

According to his father Paul was a famous grandfather – a popular poet in Korea Myung Hee Cho. But suspicion of spying, is not confirmed by the facts, he was arrested and shot. Today in the capital of Korea, Seoul, erected a monument in honor of Cho Myung Hee for his outstanding contribution to the development of Korean national literature.

After high school, Pavel Cho enters the Polytechnic Institute named after Biruni who successfully completes in 1985. But the path of the young specialist – thermal power plants. After graduating, Paul Cho works Heating energy engineer in “Uzbekgidroproekte”. However, it soon begins to realize that within the narrow confines of the state enterprise it becomes close.

In the 1990s, he tries to carry out transactions on trading. And a few years later, in the 94th year, together with Vladislav Doronin, Edward Berman and it is a part of the new shareholders then «Capital Group» holding.

For several years, Paul V. performed various duties in the company, while in 2001 did not become a member of the Board of Directors. Today, Paul Cho – Holder-thirds stake in the corporation.

Holding «Capital Group» – is one of the largest Russian companies in the field of innovative approaches to the construction of dwellings. In particular, high-rise building erected in Moscow “Capital City” in 2010 he was named “Best IFC”, and the complex de lux “Legend of Tsvetnoy” became “The best elite residential complex.” Among the completed projects appear holding only the most ambitious structure created according to the most modern standards. In order to stay ahead of the time in the construction industry, Paul Cho Corporation is actively cooperating with foreign partners.