Carefree Smiles

The concept of happiness at everyone. Some find it in love and happy family life, the other – the work and the accumulation of capital, the third need freedom and the constant change of places, and the fourth – the support of friends and new hobbies.

Here are the problems and hardships hinder us feel the presence of happiness, and because he saw in the street cheerful person, we begin to doubt its adequacy. In fact, looking at the person or talk to him, it is easy to see if he is happy. Do not believe me? Then take note of 12 signs of a happy person and be sure to check out at your leisure.

1. carefree smiles

The first and most important sign of a happy man is smiling. The man smiles a new day, it touches every detail, from the first ray of the sun and ending with the chirping of birds outside the window. Happy man with a smiling welcome all the friends and even just walking down the street, wandering serene happy smile on his face. Of course, it is not known why the smiling man others may take for a madman, but he does have a case to other people’s opinions?

2. Not being on the opinions of others

Experiencing happiness and boundless satisfaction, the man is so diluted in this blessed feeling that completely ceased to pay attention to the views of the people around him. He did not care about gossip and intrigues of twine, he pays no attention to sarcastic remarks and ridicule in his address. He’s just happy and feeling like an impenetrable shield to protect him from the present around negativity. In response to this same person is responsible only good.

3. Gives good

Cheerful person easily identified by his actions and even by the tone in which he communicates with others. It seems as if a man wants to give a piece of happiness to everyone who met him on the way. In a conversation with him felt his genuine interest, sympathy and an abundance of positive emotions, which, of course, become infected and all associates. He politely listens to his interlocutor, sincerely pleased his victory and is always ready to help in word and deed. Moreover, he is willing to spend their time, money and your energy, if only others were as good as him. Good works incredibly inspiring and bring him great pleasure.