Do Not Try to Fill Every Minute of Any Active

Do not take on an impossible burden. The word “yes” opens up many ways, but to be able to say “no” is also important. If there is no time, energy or desire to participate in any project or event to perform an unexpected request or provide the service – this is the moment when you need to say “no.”

Deny a friend or family member is very difficult, but if a request or proposal in our view is not feasible, it is necessary to refuse politely and with respect. Failure leads to deny the fact that we forget about themselves and their desires, taking other people’s desires for his. And we live someone else’s life, while experiencing a feeling of guilt, if you still are not able to perform the impossible.

5. Buy unnecessary things
Properly dispose of own resources – this quality are the envy of everyone, and perhaps this is one of the most useful living habits, having mastered that, you can comfortably live in the present, creating a secure future.

Do not succumb to the persuasion of the endless advertisements that by purchasing another multivarku, coat, earrings, a car we will be more successful, happier, especially since everyone knows that happiness is not the point. In any case, make a purchase, you need to use common sense and spend money on things that are really needed and are valuable. Conscious restriction indicates a mature personality.

6. SHOULD NOT gossiping
Gossip is an empty pastime and an attempt to assert themselves at the expense of others, in addition – this is one of the deadly sins. Gossiping about their relatives, colleagues and neighbors, we risk losing credibility and respect of others. gossip Reputation anyone yet has not led to success.

7. Do not try to fill every minute of any active
With vigorous lifestyle, the vast amount of information dumped on our heads, rest is a must. The human body requires regular rest, both physical and psychological. Every day, find time for yourself, it will help restore power, remove the emotional stress and time spent thinking about his life, will allow to understand the state of mind.