The meal – a blessed meal satiety

Modern man trained meal called breakfast, lunch, dinner. In monasteries and among the faithful people of God in the kitchen, in the dining room generally called eating a meal. Why is it so strange call? The table – not just lunch or dinner, is the adoption of any food or drink as a family home or brothers in the monastery. Modern people who do not belong to any religion may wonder: “We also sit down to eat together.” They can answer that meal different from the usual lunch.

Table meal, not to talk
Christians, especially Christians, know that the home must be the icon of the Lord and His Mother. Where usually take the food (the kitchen, the living room or in the hall), is a holy end. Steele put so that the head of the family was sitting right in front of images, and other household and guests rozsadzhuyutsya sides. How does the Christian meal? Photos that are below illustrates it in the past (and even present) times of pious families. Master of the house begins to pray out loud in front of the icons, pre perehrestyvshys that the Lord blessed the food. Others silently listening. Father prayer at the end dawns food and drink Cross. He sits at the table first. relax in USA
The meal – a blessed meal satiety
In the past century, almost every child knew that his father – the most important, it is honorable in all, so first sits down, takes a spoon by him. Of course, the wife or daughter serving a bowl of soup originally it. The table – that is no reason to talk. Eating everything in silence. After dinner, head of the family gets up from the table and thanks aloud to the Lord and the Mother of God for their food. All relatives and friends are also praying. Only the words of gratitude to God can start a conversation, communication.

What is the meaning of the meal?
Why among Christians adopted such rules for dinner? From out this custom? To answer this question we need to look into the Gospel. Before his death, Jesus called the disciples, and they last sat at the common table. He broke bread and told his followers that it will be them in memory of his body. Then he pointed to the cup of wine.
The meal – a memory of Jesus Christ. For today priests prepared the Holy Eucharist in the church in the liturgy, while in communion bread bowl put slices (small bread) and pour wine. At this time, at the altar God Himself creates miracles. The bread and wine represent the body and blood of the Lord was crucified on the day after the holiday meal took place with the students.
The meal – a blessed meal satiety
That is why the tradition is preserved sure to have bread on the table at home or monastic meal. Christians pray before eating and after that the Lord was present beside himself blessed the dinner. They say that the food is consecrated after the prayer. No disease does not cling to the believers. There are cases where food was spoiled, but people did not get symptoms of poisoning.
Memorial meal
The word “meal” – the Greek. It means “food and drink in the society.” All people together sit at the table, after having prayed.
There is a special meal – memorial. When dying Christian, pray for him on the 3rd, 9th, 40th days after death. All relatives, friends sit at the table and commemorate the dead. Church calls grieving invite to the table the poor, disadvantaged, that they prayed about novoprestavlenoho. Lord says that He will reward the man who gives his not require anything back. You must be able to give free.

The meal – a blessed meal satiety
Vegetarian meal – this exclusion from the menu of meat, eggs, milk. These products are called in the Orthodox Skoromny. It is believed that the table is permitted only vegetarian food. In the fasting days can not overeat. It is better to eat a little bit more than perenasytytsya. Many people believe that fasting is only food. It does not. During Lent to watch out chatter, quarrels, irritation, entertainment. Every minute is best done with prayer, including the meal.
Holidays meal
After the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ Church urges people to confess their sins and partake Mysteries of Christ to be reconciled to God and go to heaven. The people in turn come after the confession to the priest, his hands crossed on his chest, called his name and spoon taste a piece of bread and wine, which are the body and blood of Christ. Little children under seven years prychaschayut without confession.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the consecrated food can heal spiritually and physically, to give strength, patience. Everyone, for the first time in conscious age took part in the meal, knows how it differs from regular meals. During this afternoon pious thoughts swarm leaves the head, with no desire to watch TV and argue with family and stomach takes food to good use.